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In 2023, we released our first video on the Applied Comfort PTAC Expert Video Series. YouTube for our customers to learn the steps on how to connect a remote thermostat.


Since then, we’ve introduced 5 new videos for key insights into PTAC operation. Visit us on the Applied Comfort YouTube Channel to learn about a variety of key PTAC topics.


Here’s a quick look at the valuable resources we have available to date:


Introduction to the Series: Kick off your journey with our introductory video, which sets the stage for the practical tips and insights you’ll gain from our experts.

Watch it here: Introduction


Remote Thermostat Connection: Delve into the specifics of how to seamlessly connect a remote thermostat to your unit, a must-watch for ensuring optimal performance.

Get started here: Remote Thermostat Connection


Filter Maintenance for DM or DHPC Units: Learn the ins and outs of changing and cleaning the filter on your DM or DHPC unit to maintain air quality and unit efficiency.

Find the guide here: Filter Maintenance for DM or DHPC Units


Electronic Touchpad Controls: Master the use of electronic touchpad controls with our straightforward instructional video, making operation a breeze.

View it here: Electronic Touchpad Controls


Filter Replacement for C42, i42, U42 Series: Ensure your C42, i42, or U42 series unit is running smoothly by learning how to change its filter with our step-by-step tutorial.

Watch the tutorial here: Filter Replacement


Operating local controls on C42 and U42 PTACs.

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial: Operating Local Controls

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