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Applied Comfort is one of the world’s top manufacturers of Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs). Since 1995, we’ve been producing high quality wall and zoned heating and cooling air conditioners while meeting North American building requirements and standards.

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C26 Series

Premium Components provide exceptional reliability, durability, low sound and long life.


Calm Series

This “Hotel Style Air Conditioner” utilizes a dependable design with components carefully selected and integrated to provide exceptional reliability, durability, low sound and long life.

The affordably prices C42 comes cord connected and a fixed speed compressor. Easy to control, connect to a wall thermostat, and backed by Applied Comfort’s warranty.

The I42 is your choice to improve comfort while saving money. Utilizing an inverter compressor, this unit stays closer to the set point while reducing energy consumption. While operating longer than standard PTACs, the I42 is quieter than the typical PTAC.


Coolflow32 Series

The compact models operate with a twin pipe for a cost effective, space saving solution with optimal performance. Units are easily wall mounted, require no outdoor unit and ideal to heat or cool small, single areas. The series uses intuitive inverter technology for energy efficiency and to reduce energy consumption. The heat pump runs with R32 eco friendly refrigerant that has a low global warming potential (GWP).


DM Series

This premium component design unit for long lasting air conditioning. Applied Comfort is the leader with the 32″ PTAC design.


EA Series

Easy to install and designed with noise cancelling materials to provide cost savings and the ultimate in quiet operation.


K Series

The premium choice replacement of all 3 sections for the 3-piece K chassis with innovative design and modern components. The single piece design makes the install easier and faster.


VTAC Series

The Applied Comfort VTAC offers a cost-effective and space-saving air conditioning solution for the new construction and replacement market. Ideally suited to the residential and hospitality sector, the discreet design and vertical housing allow the unit to be easily installed in a closet.

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